Top 8 Reasons to Ride At Pennington Farms!

Top 8 Reasons to Ride At Pennington Farms!

1) Pennington Farms offers the end to end family package for the Equestrian Rider

2) Pennington Farms has a prover track record for 35 years of happy customers. Pennington Farms has many students whose parents were students during their young riding career!

3) Full Facility Farm, 24/7 security

4) Home atmosphere & relaxing environment is a must at the farm

5) Pennington Farms can take you to the top levels in show jumping from cross rails, to BigEq to Grand Prix jumping.

6) Riding horses is a great way to become friends with the an Equine!

7) The farm offers 2 show rings, a cross country ring to get away from the city and more!

8) Of course, our pony parties are awesome!